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Margaret Leslie

F, #1118, b. circa 1800, d. 7 October 1880
  • Birth*: Margaret Leslie was born circa 1800.
  • Married Name: As of 10 December 1824, her married name was Fiffe.1
  • (Bride) Marriage*: She married James Fiffe on 10 December 1824 at St Vigeans, Forfarshire, Scotland.1
  • (Spouse) Death: Her spouse James Fiffe died on 4 September 1868 at Blair Road, Letham, Forfarshire, Scotland; James Fyfe, Handloom Weaver, married to Margaret Leslie; 1868 September fourth, Blair Road, Letham; Male, age 69; James Fyfe, Handloom Weaver (Deceased), Agnes Fyfe ms Auchterlonie (Deceased); Sloughing Phagedena, 6 weeks, as Cert by David Paton, MD; William Fyfe, son, present 1868 September 5th, at Letham, Thomas Macbeth, Registrar.1
  • (Deceased) Death*: Margaret Leslie died on 7 October 1880 at 18 Dishland Street, St Vigeans, Forfarshire, Scotland, Death Margaret Fyfe or Lezlie ; 7 Oct 1880, 18 Dishland Street,St Vigeans ; Parents Andrew Leslie & Jean Glen ? ; Informant Andrew Fyffe son present.1

Census Events

Member of Household6 June 1841Margaret Leslie was listed along with James Fiffe in the 1841 census at Drumiter, Dunnichen, Forfarshire, Scotland. Fyfe James, m, 40, linen hand llom weaver, Angus; Fyfe, Margaret, f, 40, Angus.2
Head of Household7 April 1861They was listed as head of household in the 1861 census at Drumiter, Dunnichen, Forfarshire, Scotland. James Fyfe, head, mar, 61, linen hand loom weaver, Arbirlot; Margaret, wife, mar, 63, Arbirlot; also in the household were James Fyffe, Catherine Fyffe, George Fyffe, Andrew Fyffe, Mary Anne Matthew and James Matthew.2
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James Fiffe b. 20 Dec 1799, d. 4 Sep 1868
  • (Bride) Marriage*: Margaret Leslie married James Fiffe on 10 December 1824 at St Vigeans, Forfarshire, Scotland.1


John Fyffe b. 20 Mar 1825
David Fyffe b. 14 Jul 1828
William Fyffe b. 10 Nov 1830
Agnes Wallace Fyffe+ b. 14 Apr 1833, d. 31 Dec 1917
Mary Ann Fyffe b. 24 May 1836
James Fyffe b. 24 Nov 1838
Catherine Fyffe b. 10 Jan 1841
George Fyffe b. 16 Jan 1843
Andrew Fyffe b. 16 Jan 1843


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