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John Short1

M, #14359, b. 1806, d. 19 October 1862
  • (Child) Birth*: John Short was born in 1806 at Twigworth, Gloucestershire, England.1
  • Marriage*: He married Sarah Whare on Sunday, 30 July 1837 at Spanish Town, Jamaica.1
  • (Officiating Clergy) Marriage: John Short officiated at the marriage of Thomas Aldridge and Mary Ann Price on Wednesday, 2 April 1856 at Holy Trinity Church, Port Stanley, Falkland Islands; Thomas was married to Mary Ann PRICE 2 April 1856 by Henry Martyn Faulkner,
    Colonial Chaplain in Holy Trinity Church by Banns. The witnesses were John Short and
    Anne Dowers. Neither Thomas nor Mary Ann’s fathers were recorded.

    British Overseas Marriages Transcription
    First name(s) THOMAS
    Last name ALDRIDGE
    Marriage year 1856
    Marriage day -
    Marriage month -
    Marriage place Port Stanley Christ Church
    Marriage country Falkland Islands
    Spouse's first name(s) -
    Spouse's last name -
    Groom's title -
    Groom's other name(s) -
    Groom's marital status -
    Groom's age -
    Groom's birth date -
    Groom's occupation -
    Groom's residence or birth place -
    Groom's father's first name(s) -
    Groom's father's last name -
    Groom's father's occupation -
    Groom's mother's name(s) -
    Bride's title -
    Bride's other name(s) Ann
    Bride's marital status -
    Bride's age -
    Bride's birth date -
    Bride's occupation -
    Bride's residence or birth place -
    Bride's father's first name(s) -
    Bride's father's last name -
    Bride's father's occupation -
    Bride's mother's name(s) -
    Country Falkland Islands
    Notes -
    Record set British Overseas Marriages
    Category Life Events (BDMs)
    Subcategory Marriages & divorces
    Collections from United King.2,1,3
  • (Deceased) Death*: John Short died on 19 October 1862.1
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Sarah Whare b. 1807, d. 19 Oct 1892


George Short1 b. 1839, d. 3 May 1914
Charlotte Short1 b. c May 1842, d. 26 Dec 1891
Richard Short1 b. May 1846, d. 7 Sep 1855
Caroline Sarah Short1 b. 1848, d. 30 Aug 1855


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