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Marjorie Helena Fleuret1

F, #14433, b. 13 June 1913, d. 18 April 1975
  • Birth*: Marjorie Helena Fleuret was born on 13 June 1913 at Stanley, Falkland Islands; Marjorie Helena FLEURET born 13 June 1913 and baptised 14 September 1913 by the Tabernacle. Her father’s occupation was recorded as shepherd.1
  • She was the daughter of Austin Clovis Gustavis Stanley Fleuret and Sarah McGill.1
  • Married Name: As of 6 September 1933, her married name was Browning.1
  • Marriage*: Marjorie Helena Fleuret married Frederick Browning on Wednesday, 6 September 1933 at Registrar's Office, Stanley, Falkland Islands; Marjorie was married to Frederick BROWNING, shepherd, 6 September 1933 at the Registrar's Office, Stanley by
    Special Licence by G R L Brown, Registrar General. The witnesses were William Browning and Lilian Dettleff. Frederick’s father was recorded as Frederick Browning, deceased, and Marjorie’s father was recorded as Clovis Austin Fleuret, shepherd.1
  • Death*: Marjorie Helena Fleuret died on 18 April 1975 at British Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina, at age 61; Marjorie died in the British Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina 23 December 1974.1
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Father*: Austin Clovis Gustavis Stanley Fleuret1 b. 15 Apr 1877, d. 1 Jun 1950
Mother*: Sarah McGill1 b. 1879, d. 28 Jan 1925


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