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Ann McQueen

F, #8363, b. circa 1800, d. 26 August 1878
  • Name-Variation: Ann McQueen was also known as Anne MacQUEEN.1
  • Name-Married: Her married name was MacLEAN.1
  • (Child) Birth*: She was born circa 1800.
  • She was the daughter of Donald MacQUEEN and Janet MacPHAIL.1
  • Birth: Ann McQueen was born on 10 April 1800 at Dulsie, Ardclach, Nairnshire, Scotland.1
  • Baptism: She was baptised on 30 April 1800 at Dulsie, Ardclach, Nairnshire, Scotland; Scotland parish register reads: 'Anne Lawful Daughter toDonaldMcQueenand Janet McPhail in Dulsie was born the ---unreadable--- andbaptisedthe 30th April. The witnesses were AnneMcIntosh in Dulsieand -----unreadable---- McIntosh and John Murdoch.1'
  • Marriage: She married Hector McLean, son of William MacLEAN and Isobel Fraser, on Friday, 21 December 1821 at Ardclach, Nairnshire, Scotland.1
  • (Bride) Marriage*: Ann McQueen married Hector McLean, son of William MacLEAN and Isobel Fraser, on 21 December 1821 at Ardclach, Nairnshire, Scotland.2
  • Married Name: As of 21 December 1821, her married name was McLean.3
  • Death*: Ann McQueen died on 26 August 1878 at Mt Pleasant, Ardclach, Nairnshire, Scotland; Informant: Hector McLEAN, widower, present. Unknown GEDCOM info: dyspepsia & general debility.1

Census Events

Principalbetween 1841 and 1871Ann McQueen appeared on the census of between 1841 and 1871 at Scotland, 1841, Anne McLean, 40, residing Mount Pleasant,Ardclach,Nairnshire.Also husband Hector MacLean (45, Shoe m, bornNairnshire,SCO) andchildren William MacLean (14), Alexander MacLean(7), HectorMacLean(5), Mary MacLean (3) & Anne MacLean (1 month).
1851, Ann McLean, 49, residing Mount Pleasant, Ardclach,Nairn.Alsohusband Hector McLean (59, Chelsea Pensioner & shoer,bornCroy,Nairn, SCO) and children Alexander McLean (16), HectorMcLean(14),Mary C B McLean (12), Ann McLean (9) & John McLean (6),plusmarrieddaughter Jessy [McLean] Watt (22), son-in-law Donald Watt(22)andgrandson Hector Watt (2 months).
1861, Ann McLean, 61, residing Mount Pleasant, Ardclach,Nairn.Alsohusband Hector McLean (67, Pensioner, born Croy, Nairnshire,SCO)andson John McLean (17, Mason), plus Alexr Rose (61,Shoemaker,boarder),Alexander Mcpherson (58, Shoemaker, boarder) & MaryAMckenzie (13,Servant).
1871, Ann McLean, 70, born Ardclach, Nairn. SCO,residingMountPleasant, Ardclach, Nairn. Also husband Hector McLean(77,Shoemaker& Farmer 6 Ac Oulk, born Croy, Nairnshire, SCO); MaryAFraser (13,General Serv. Domestic) & William Mackintosh((23,Shepherd, boarder).4,1
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Father*: Donald MacQUEEN1 b. c 30 May 1756, d. b 1841
Mother*: Janet MacPHAIL1 b. 22 Dec 1771, d. bt 1841 - 1851


Hector McLean b. 4 Sep 1791, d. 15 Feb 1879


Donald McLean5 b. 17 Jun 1823, d. May 1846
Isabel McLean+5 b. 19 Jan 1825, d. 21 Jan 1898
William McLean3 b. 24 Sep 1826, d. Oct 1847
Ann MacLEAN1 b. c 1827, d. Feb 1833
Janet McLean3 b. 9 Aug 1828
James McLean5 b. 9 Feb 1830
Anne McLean5 b. 4 Feb 1832
Alexander McLean+3 b. 4 Feb 1833, d. 1923
Hector MacLEAN1 b. 1837
Mary C B MacLEAN1 b. 1839
Ann MacLEAN1 b. 1842, d. 2 Nov 1858
John MacLEAN1 b. 1845


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