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Amelia Martha Botha1

F, #9339, b. circa 1885, d. after 13 October 1946
  • Birth*: Amelia Martha Botha was born circa 1885.2
  • Married Name: As of 12 April 1907, her married name was Calder.2
  • Marriage*: She married James Calder, son of John Gray Calder and Agnes Junor Mackay, on Friday, 12 April 1907 at Cape Town, South Africa.2
  • (Spouse) Death: Her spouse James Calder died on 13 October 1946 at Government Hospital, Que Que, Gweld, Rhodesia; Death Notice: pursuant to the provisions contained in "The administration of estate ordinance no 6 of 1907"; name James Calder, birthplace Arbroath Scotland nationality British, parents Father & Mother both unknown (now deceased), age at death 67 years 11 months, condition in life (occupation) miner (gold mines), name of surviving spouse Mrs Amelia Martha Calder married in community of property, place of last marriage Cape Town 12th April 1907, day of decease thirteenth October at Government Hospital, Que Que, Gweld; usual residence no 3 West Avenue Que Que; Names of children & whether major or minor, Mrs A E Wilkinson (major), Mr A N Calder (major), Mr A S H Calder (major), Mr J C J Calder (minor), Anne Small Calder (minor); deceased has left moveable property, not left immoveable property, estimated that the estate exceeds £200, deceased has left a will; dated at Que Que, on 14th day of October 1946 signed A S H Calder son of deceased.2
  • (Spouse) Death: Her spouse James Calder died on 13 October 1946 at Government Hospital, Que Que, Gweld, Rhodesia; Southern Rhodesia: Information of a Death: Chapter 140; deceased James Calder, male, usual rsidence no 3 West Avenue Que Que, age 67 years 11 months, race European, birthplace Scotland, married, 5 children, occuation miner (gold), date of death Thirteenth October 1946, place of death Government Hospital Que Que, intended place of burial Que Que Cemetery, cause of death pulmonary silicosis & tuberculosis, duration of last illness 10 years, medical man;'s name & place of residence Dr M I Hirsch, Globe & Phoenix Mine, Que Que, informant signature A S H Calder, son of deceased - present at death, residence 133 (a) Fort Street Bulawaye; registered 14th October 1946 at Gwele at Que Que, signed A M Brown for D/R Req VIII deputy registrar, no of entry 14/46.2
  • (Deceased) Death*: Amelia Martha Botha died after 13 October 1946.2
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