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Archibald Renny Adamson

M, #10551, b. 10 March 1839, d. 26 January 1923
Last Edited: 14 Jul 2017


Father*: James Webster Adamson b. 17 Mar 1803, d. 9 Jan 1864
Mother*: Jane Morrison b. c 1802, d. 23 Jul 1844
  • Birth*: Archibald Renny Adamson was born on 10 March 1839 at Arbroath, Forfarshire, Scotland, .2,3
  • He was the son of James Webster Adamson and Jane Morrison.
  • Marriage*: Archibald Renny Adamson married Elizabeth Chambling, daughter of John Chambling and Hannah Gillbody, on Friday, 11 October 1861 at Central District, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, .2,4
  • Death*: Archibald Renny Adamson died on 26 January 1923 at North Platte, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, , at age 83.5,6,7
  • Burial*: He was buried on 28 January 1923 at North Platte Cemetery, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, .2
    Photograph by http://trees.ancestry.co.uk/tree/69055803/person/36196186977/photox/9df7e05d-b0ef-4056-bcf4-383c5977b2d1?src=search
  • Naturalization: He signed a document of intent to naturalization on 4 October 1882 at North Platte, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, .9
    EPSON scanner image
    Photograph by http://trees.ancestry.co.uk/tree/84378/person/-2129415206/photox/7a284930-0a29-4858-a73e-660ec07661dc?src=search
  • Event-Misc*: Archibald Renny Adamson and David Adamson celebrated their The Daily Journal
    Lincoln, Nebraska
    Thursday Morning, November 22, 1883
    Page 6, Col. 4
    North Platte Nebraskan: A shooting affair took place Tuesday night by which David Adamson received a slight wound, at the hands of his brother Archibald R. Adamson. It appears that David has for some time entertained feelings of ill-will towards his brother for some cause perhaps more imaginary than otherwise, and has on more than one occasion threatened his (Archie’s) life. About one o/clock on the night mentioned he went to Archie’s house on the north side, under the influence of liquor and raised the cry that the house was on fire. Archie got up and ordered him away, which David refused to obey; thinking to scare him Archie fired his pistol through the upper part of the window. At this David seized an old chair, and was about to break through the window when Archie fired another shot lower down, striking David just below the right groin. The wound is thought not to be serious. Archibald was arrested and had an examination before Judge Snelling Thursday afternoon, when the above was substantially elicited and the prisoner discharged. on 20 November 1883 at North Platte, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, .11
  • Naturalization*: Archibald Renny Adamson was naturalized on 23 October 1889 at North Platte, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, .12
    EPSON scanner image
    Photograph by http://trees.ancestry.co.uk/tree/84378/person/-2129415206/photox/307d5cf8-af74-4ba2-a109-b682534fcab1?src=search
  • (Witness) Milit-Beg: He witnessed the beginning of military service of William Drenning Adamson on 21 April 1898 at North Platte, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, ; enlisted with Company E, second regiment, Nebraska Volunteer Infantry in response to President McKinley's call for 200,000 volunteers to help "settle our little difficulty with Spain".14
  • (Witness) Milit-End: Archibald Renny Adamson witnessed the end of military service of William Drenning Adamson on 24 October 1898 at North Platte, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, ; Company E was mustered out, and the boys returned to their homes and occupations, not altogether without casualties ... William D. Adamson came back on crutches being seriously wounded. It seems he was taking his blouse off a peg in a tent when a revolver dropped from a pocket of a comrade's garment and exploding sent a bullet through the calf of his leg."14
  • Photograph*: Archibald Renny Adamson is in this photograph taken circa 1900 at North Platte, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, , along with David Webster Adamson, William Drenning Adamson, Charles Alexander Adamson, Mary Adamson, George Dunlop Adamson, Jessie Adamson, Elizabeth Adamson, Archibald Rennie Adamson, Elizabeth Chambling and Hannah Mary Adamson Back L-R: David, William, Charles, Mary, George, Jessie, Archibald Jr.
    Front L-R: Elizabeth (Archibald's daughter), Archibald, Sr. (Archibald Renny, the author), Elizabeth (Archibald's wife), Hannah.15,16
    L-R,Top: David, William, Charles, Mary, George, Jessie, Archibald Jr. Bottom: Elizabeth (Archibald's daughter), Archibald, Sr., Elizabeth (Archibald's wife), Hannah.
  • Event-Misc*: Archibald Renny Adamson published book "North Platte And Its Associations" published by The Evening Telegraph, North Platte, Nebraska; where it is also noted that he was author of other books "Rambles Through the Land of Burns" (1879, Kilmarnock), etc [which is not available online - further research reveals that a further book entiitled "Rambles round Kilmarnock; with an introductory sketch of the town" (1875, Kilmarnock) was also written by A R Adamson - also not available online]. in 1910 at North Platte, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, .18
  • Anecdote forWeb*: My great-great grandfather, Archibald and his family (13 kids in all were born, with several not surviving beyond their toddler years). It is believed that he worked for the Kilmarnock Standard when living in Riccarton, but that hasn't been 100% confirmed yet. However, he did get a number of his "rambles" published in the K.S. which was the impetus for him to write his two books about the land of Burns. When the family emigrated to the US, he became a machinist for the Union Pacific Railroad in North Platte, which for some time served as the "end of the line" of the railroad until a sudden spurt in building took it to Laramie, WY (where his son David, my great grandfather) moved to. Laramie and North Platte were both built as "railroad towns".16

Census Events

Member of Household6 June 1841Archibald Renny Adamson was listed in the 1841 census at Newgate Street, Arbroath, Forfarshire, Scotland, . Adamson, James, m, 35, grocer, Angus; Adamson, Jane, f, 35, Angus; Adamson, Archibald, m, 2, Angus.19
Principal3 April 1881He and Elizabeth Chambling appeared in the 1881 census at 16 Compton Street, Riccarton, Ayrshire, Scotland, . Arch R Adamson, head, mar, 41, Arbroath; Elizabeth, wife, mar, 39, Glasgow; Hannah Chambling, mother-in-law, w, 76, formerly in retail hat trade, England.20
Head of Household9 June 1900Archibald Renny Adamson and Elizabeth Chambling appeared on the census of 9 June 1900 at Eleventh Street, North Platte, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, , US census : dwelling 532, family 560; Adamson, Archibald, head, white, male, b Mar 1838, age 62, married 39 years, born Scotland, parents born Scotland, immigrated 1883, 17 years in US, naturalised, machinist, employed, can read, write, speak English, owns the property free of mortgage.21
Principal21 April 1910Archibald Renny Adamson appeared on the census of 21 April 1910 at North Platte, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, , US census : dwelling 171, family 179; Adamson, Archibald, head, male, white, age 71, widowed, born Scotland, parents born Scotland, can read, write, speak English, machinist, retired, owns the property free of mortgage.6,22,23


Elizabeth Chambling b. 30 Apr 1842, d. 2 Jun 1907


John Chambling Adamson b. 20 Jun 1862, d. 24 Feb 1865
Hannah Mary Adamson b. 24 Feb 1865, d. 3 Jul 1903
Jean Adamson b. 23 Apr 1866, d. 20 Nov 1867
Jessie Adamson+ b. 10 Dec 1869, d. 26 May 1950
James Adamson+ b. 11 Apr 1872, d. 13 Feb 1943
Archibald Rennie Adamson+ b. 5 May 1874, d. 27 Jul 1957
Mary Adamson b. 13 May 1876, d. 6 Jan 1949
David Webster Adamson+ b. 7 Oct 1878, d. 11 Feb 1943
William Drenning Adamson b. 29 Apr 1881, d. 12 Sep 1950
George Dunlop Adamson2 b. 17 Aug 1884, d. 15 Mar 1970
Elizabeth Adamson2 b. 8 Mar 1886, d. 14 Mar 1972
Charles Alexander Adamson2 b. 25 May 1890, d. 15 Jul 1957


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