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Have you had your DNA tested to find your origins? We have and it's fascinating!

We are disapointed to discover that our original testing company is no-longer, but we have taken additional tests to include other lines of our research.

YDNA - the CARSON - KOWALEWSKI Father-line

The haplogroup is R-M198 which has origins in Central Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, Eastern and Northern Europe. The Ethnic Makeup is 39% British Isles, 34% East Europe and 20% Scandavian with a further 4% Finland, 2% Southeast Europe and 1% West Middle East. The European Continent has been witness to many episodes of human migration, some of which have spanned over thousands of years. The most up-to-date research into these ancient migrations on the European Continent suggests that there were three major groups of people that have had a lasting effect on present day peoples of European descent: Hunter-Gatherers (of which our DNA tester carries 44%), Early Farmers (39%), and Metal Age Invaders (17%).  

YDNA - the ADAMSON Father-line

We are told our present-day Adamson line has Germanic origins and that our haplogroup R1b-S21 shows that we descend from the peoples of the Rhineland and the Low Countries. It is one of the most common in the UK with 60% of men in England carrying one of the sub-groups of R1b; in Scotland it is 72% and in Ireland, the number is even higher at 85%. One of our sub-groups (S116) associates us with the Beaker People, recognised for their fine pottery deposited as grave goods and by the introduction of metalworking in copper and gold.

mtDNA - the MILLER Mother-line

Our testing company astounded us by reporting that our mitochondrial DNA is one of the very farthest travelled lineages in human history with links that stretch across the globe. It is the X haplogroup - known as Borean and is rare but remarkable, very widespread indeed and most common amongst the Ojibwe Nation, one of the most populous of the Native American First Nations. So we can genuinely say we descend from Native American Indians!

Autosomal - the ADAMSON-MILLER line

The Ethnic Makup is 48% British Isles, 45% West and Central Europe with 7% Scandanavia. Our percentages of Ancient European Origins are 47% Hunter-Gatherers, 39% Early Farmers and 13% Metal Age Invaders


genetic Adam & Eve
Our 'genetic' Adam and Eve? sourced at http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/next/evolution/our-genetic-adam-and-eve/