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William Dewar1

M, #12667, b. 1882
  • Birth*: William Dewar was born in 1882.1
  • (Witness) Death: He witnessed the death of James Thomson Dewar before 14 December 1921; Regiment RGA no 163127 ... deceased, Statement of Names and Addresses of all the Reliatives of the above-named deceased Soldier in eaxxh of the degrees specified below that are now living; Widow of the Soldier Johan Murray Adamson Dewar, Arthurstone Ledge, Meigle, Perthshire; Children of the Soldier and dates of their births Edward Thompson Dewar 14 April 1915 Arthurstone Ledge etc, Ronald McIntosh Deward 9 Dec 1916 Arthurstone Lodge etc; Father of the Soldier James Dewar Springbank Ardler Meigle, Mother of the Soldier Susan McIntosh Dewar Springbank etc; Brothers of the Soldier, Full Blood William Dewar aged 38 Wallace Street Ardler; Sisters of the Soldier, Full Blood Catherine Jane Dewar aged 28 Springbank etc; Declaration I hereby declare that the above is a true and complete Statement of all the Relatives of the late Soldier now living in the degrees enquired for signed Johan Dewar, relationship to soldier widow, address in full Arthurstone Ledge Meigle Perthshire; I hereby certify that the above Statement and Declaration made by Mrs Johan Dewar and signed in my presence is complete and correct, to the best of my knowledge and belief, dated at Ardler this 14th day of December 1921, signature of minister or magistrate Daniel A Morrison, Minister of Ardler Parish, The Manse Ardler by Meigle.1
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  1. [S40] Deceased soldier relatives declaration (form W5080) 14 Dec 1921 via BN [Apr 2012].