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Cadet Forces Medal1

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Last Edited: 28 Oct 2021


  • Note for Web*: Cadet Forces Medal The Cadet Forces Medal (CFM) is awarded in recognition of long service in the Cadet Forces.

    To be considered, you must:

    be an officer or uniformed adult instructor
    have 12 years’ reckonable service

    At the discretion of service boards, the following are not counted as breaks in continuity of service for the medal:

    any break which does not exceed 6 months
    breaks of up to 3 years’ by reason of change in place of residence or changing in civilian employment

    Up to 3 years’ service with any of the following may be used towards the CFM if it’s not been used towards another medal:

    Reserve Forces
    Regular Forces
    Officer Training Corps
    University Air Squadrons

    If you go on to complete a further 6 years’ service, you’ll be issued a clasp (it doesn’t need to be continuous). Prior to 1991, 8 years additional service was required. The clasp should be worn on the ribbon of the CFM.

    You can’t apply for this medal. Recommendations are to be made in accordance with JSP 814, Policy and Regulations for MOD Sponsored Cadet Organisations..1