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Elizabeth Cross Medal1

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Last Edited: 28 Oct 2021


  • Note for Web*: Elizabeth Cross Medal The Elizabeth Cross and Memorial Scroll are granted to the next of kin of regular, reserve or Royal Fleet Auxiliary personnel who have died on operations, or as a result of an act of terrorism since 1 January 1948:

    whilst serving on an operation in which personnel received a Campaign Medal, GSM or OSM
    whilst serving on an operation in which personnel received a UN, NATO (or other international body) or another nations’ campaign medal in the absence of a UK medal
    as a result of an act of terrorism where the available evidence suggests they were targeted because of their membership of the UK armed forces
    on a non medal earning operational task where death has been caused by the inherent high risk of the task
    a subsequent and premature death as a result of an injury or illness attributed to the circumstances outlined above

    Recipients and how to apply

    You can apply for both the Elizabeth Cross and Memorial Scroll. For retrospective claims and when the next of kin is deceased, their legal successor may apply.

    An additional Memorial Scroll only is available to the following (or their legal successors) where they are not the next of kin:

    the parents of the deceased
    the spouse or partner of the deceased, or someone who had a substantive relationship with the deceased (a substantive relationship is generally based on joint financial commitment and will have to be proved by the applicant)

    If you think you might be eligible, contact the MOD Medal Office..1