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General Service 1918-62 Medal1

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Last Edited: 28 Oct 2021
This medal with Malaya clasp


  • Note for Web*: General Service 1918-62 Medal The General Service Medal (GSM) 1918-1962 was awarded to army and RAF personnel who meet the qualifying criteria for service in any of the following geographical areas:

    South Persia
    North West Persia
    Southern Desert Iraq
    Northern Kurdistan
    South East Asia 1945 to 1946
    Palestine 1945 to 1948
    Near East
    Arabian Peninsula
    Canal Zone

    The medal is also awarded for:

    Bomb and Mine Clearance 1945 to 1949
    Bomb and Mine Clearance 1945 to 1956
    Berlin Airlift

    If you think you might be eligible, contact the MOD Medal Office.

    If your application is successful, you’ll be awarded the GSM with a clasp for the relevant geographical area.

    If you become eligible for a further clasp, you will not get a second medal. The clasp should be added to the GSM medal ribbon, worn above the first clasp..1