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Linden Travers1

F, #9619, b. 27 May 1913, d. 23 October 2001
Last Edited: 3 Sep 2012
from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linden_Travers


Father*: William Halton Lindon-Travers1 b. 1889, d. 16 Nov 1965
Mother*: Florence Wheatley1 b. c 1894, d. 1956
  • Birth*: Linden Travers was born on 27 May 1913 at Houghton-le-Spring, County Durham, England, .1
  • She was the daughter of William Halton Lindon-Travers and Florence Wheatley.1
  • Marriage*: Linden Travers married James Holman in 1948.1
  • Death*: Linden Travers died on 23 October 2001 at St Ives, Cornwall, England, , at age 88.1
  • Name Variation: Linden Travers was also known as Florence Lindon-Travers.2
  • Married Name: As of circa 1938, her married name was Leon.1
  • Married Name: As of 1948, her married name was Holman.1


  • Note for Web*: 1913 - LINDEN TRAVERS WAS BORN Florence Lindon-Travers on May 27m 1913 in Houghton-le-Spring, Co Durham. Her parents were: Florence Wheatley, granddaughter of confectioner George Wheatley: and William Halton Lindon-Travers. a manager of theatres in Tyneside. Linden attended the La Sagesse Convent School, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne.
    1933 - Linden made her first stage appearance at Newcastle Playhouse (now known as Northern Stage) at the age of 20. Her paternal grandmother. Alice Travers. passed away in February 1933 and was buried at Jesmond Old Cemetery.
    1934 - Linden played the lead in 'Murder in Mayfair' at the Glove Theatre in London's West End. She met a gentleman called Guy Leon, whose sister was in the cast Linden later married Guy.
    1935 - Linden starred in her first movie, 'Children of the Fog'. Around this time. Linden was the centre of attraction at the Houghton Film Society, which met in a building on Robinson Street when she made a visit home.
    1937 - Linden's maternal grandfather, Robert Wheatley. passed away in April 1937.
    1939 - Linden's first child, Jennifer Susan Leon, was bom in Chelsea in February 1939.
    1948 - Linden married James Holman.
    1949 - Linden's second child, Sally Linden Holman. was bom. She played the part of Beatriz de Peraza in her last film. 'Christopher Columbus', which was released in October 1949. She continued to appear in television plays.
    ???? - Linden lived at a house called Lorraine, St Ives. Cornwall, where she spent her time as an artist.
    1969 - Linden and her sisters, Alice Wilton and Pearl Morant, opened the Travers Gallery in Kensington. London. It was open until 1972.
    1974 - Linden's husband, James Holman, passed away. Linden spent the years afterwards travelling around Asia and Africa.
    1980s - Linden studied psychotherapy in the early 1980s and qualified as a hypnotherapist.
    1999 - Linden made her last television appearance in a BBC tribute to Alfred Hitchcock, celebrating the centenary of his birth.
    2001 - Linden Travers passed away on October 23ra 2001 in Cornwall at the age of 88 years old. Her funeral service took olace at St Ives Parish Church.1


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