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David Fullerton

M, #353, b. 9 March 1812, d. 8 July 1867
  • Birth*: David Fullerton was born on 9 March 1812 at Kinnell, Forfarshire, Scotland; LDS C112962 mar 2006.
  • He was the son of John Fullerton and Jane Christie.
  • (Groom) Marriage*: David Fullerton married Helen Stirling, daughter of David Stirling and Jean Simson, on 9 April 1836 at Dunnichen, Angus, Scotland.1
  • (Informant) Birth: David Fullerton registered the birth of Alexander Foulis Fullerton on 22 March 1857 at Letham, Dunnichen, Forfarshire, Scotland; 1857 births in the parish of Dunnichen in the county of Forfar, ref 7, Fullerton, Alexander Foulis, 1857 March Twenty-second 11h 0m pm Letham, male parents David Fullerton wright journeyman and Helen Fullerton maiden name Skirling, signed David Fullerton father present, registered 1857 March 24th at Dunnichen, Wm Macfarlane registrar.2
  • (Deceased) Death*: David Fullerton died on 8 July 1867 at Heyman Street, Letham, Forfarshire, Scotland, at age 55 cert held ; David Fullerton pauper formerly joiner married to Helen Stirling; 57 years; John Fullerton blacksmith (dec); Jane Christie (dec); bright's disease years; Helen Fullerton her x mark widow present.

Census Events

Member of Household6 June 1841David Fullerton was listed in the 1841 census at Drumitermont, Dunnichen, Forfarshire, Scotland. David Stirting, 68, LHLW, Angus; Jane Stirting, 60, Angus; David Fullerton, 25, joiner, Angus.
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Father*: John Fullerton b. c 1780
Mother*: Jane Christie b. c 1780


Helen Stirling b. 25 Jul 1814, d. 28 Apr 1888


Jane Fullerton3 b. 6 Jun 1837
David Fullerton b. 12 May 1839, d. 26 Aug 1858
James Fullerton3 b. 12 Dec 1841
Elizabeth Fullerton3 b. 15 Mar 1845
William Fullerton3 b. 2 Apr 1850, d. c 1866
Mary Anne Fullerton3 b. 8 Aug 1852
Alexander Foulis Fullerton+ b. 22 Mar 1857, d. 13 Apr 1925


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