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David Nicholson Niven1,2

M, #16245, b. 11 August 1926, d. 24 August 2010
Last Edited: 18 Jun 2020
David Niven 1926-


Father*: David Niven1 b. 25 May 1895, d. 3 Oct 1968
Mother*: Elizabeth Latty Smith Drylie Baxter1 b. 1905, d. 1989
3rd cousin 1 time removed of Patricia Catherine Adamson
  • Birth*: David Nicholson Niven was born on 11 August 1926 at Mussleburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, .1
  • He was the son of David Niven and Elizabeth Latty Smith Drylie Baxter.1
  • Marriage*: David Nicholson Niven married Muriel Purves on Monday, 23 April 1951 at West Africa, .1
  • (Deceased) Death*: David Nicholson Niven died on 24 August 2010 at Lavenham, Suffolk, West Africa, , at age 84.1
  • Passenger List*: He was found on the passenger list of Apapa Ship Elder, Dempster & Co on 18 June 1956 at from Lagos, Liverpool, England, , Name:      David Nicholson Niven
    Arrival Age:      29
    Birth Date:      11 Aug 1926
    Port of Departure:      Lagos
    Arrival Date:      18 Jun 1956
    Port of Arrival:      Liverpool, England
    Ports of Voyage:      Lagos; Takoradi; Freetown and Bathurst
    Ship Name:      Apapa
    Shipping Line:      Elder Dempster Lines Ltd
    Official Number:      0079/01
    Search Ship Database:      Search for the Apapa in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database.2

Military Service

  • Military Service*: David Nicholson Niven served with the Royal Marines between 1939 and 1945 The Royal Marine Forces - Temporary Second Lieutenant - 1945 - Pl David Nicholson Niven - 26 Jan.1,4


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