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Jessie Paterson1

F, #16838, b. 1816, d. 28 August 1890
Last Edited: 7 Oct 2020


Father*: James Paterson of Montrose1 b. s 1790
  • Birth*: Jessie Paterson was born in 1816 at Broughty Ferry, Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland, ; Thought to be around 1816 in Broughty Ferry.
    This record not found.
    BUT there is a Janet born to James Patterson weaver and Agnes Duncan born 5th August 1814, bapt 14th.1,2
  • She was the daughter of James Paterson of Montrose.1,2
  • Marriage*: Jessie Paterson married Thomas Napier carpenter to Australia, son of James Napier weaver and Margaret Sutor, on Wednesday, 3 August 1836.1
  • (Deceased) Death*: Jessie Paterson died on 28 August 1890 at Rosebank, Farendon, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, , Napier - on the 28th inst., at her residence, Rosebank, Farendon, Jessie, relict of the late Thomas Napier; and mother of Mr T Napier, Magdala, Farendon, and of Mrs G P Barber, of Staywoodpark, Warrnambool, aged 74 years. A Colonist of 54 years.1,3
  • Married Name: As of 3 August 1836, her married name was Napier.1
  • (Spouse) Death: Her spouse Thomas Napier carpenter to Australia died on 7 February 1881 at Melbourne, Australia, ; Funeral Notices - The remains of the late Thomas Napier, Esq, will be interred in the melbourne General Cemetery.
    The funeral is appointed to move from his residence, Rosebank, Essendon, on Wednesday, at 11, and will pass the junction of Elizabeth Street and Sidney Road about half past 12 o'clock.
    Alf. Aug. Sleight, undertaker, no 83 Collins Street east, and High street, St Kilda.1,4
  • Newspaper Article: Jessie Paterson was mentioned in a newspaper article Marykirk
    SEASONABLE LIBERALITY. - Mr G. Taylor of Kirk touhill, has caused to be distributed his anual supply of conls among the necessitoos poor in the parish, and also a large quantity of bread and beef. This makes a nice seasonable present, and the receipients appreciate it very much. Mrs Thomas Napier, Melbourne, Australia, whose husband was native of our village, has just forwared to Mr D. Napier. (her brother-in-law) her annual donation of £3 to be distributed in the shape of coals among a number of the deserving poor in the village. This is a welsome gift, and many thanks are due to this lady, who has kept the people in this district so long in mind. on 5 January 1883 at Montrose, Forfarshire, Scotland, .5
  • Newspaper Article*: She was mentioned in a newspaper article Marykirk
    SEASONABLE LIBERALITY. - ... Mrs Thomas Napier, Melbourne, Australia, whose husband was native of our village, has just forwared to Mr D. Napier. (her brother-in-law) her annual donation of £3 to be distributed in the shape of coals among a number of the deserving poor in the village. on 9 January 1883 at Brechin, Forfarshire, Scotland, .6
  • Newspaper Article: She and Theodore Napier 3rd son were mentioned in a newspaper article THE WALLACE STATUE IN ABERDEEN. WHAT WALLACE ACHIEVED FOR HIS COUNTRY.
    We have received a letter from a Montrose lady resident in Australia, enclosing one from Mr Theodore Napier, to show, she says, "how

    Scotland is venerated at this side of the equator. Mr Napier is the son of Mr Thomas Napier (late of Marykirk) who came out over fifty years ago. Napier, of Magdala (the name of his beautiful home) was educated in Edinburgh, which has made him true Scot. The letter, which is dated 9th June, 1888, is as follows:
    "I was much pleased to receive your letter enclosing a print of the Wallace statue for Aberdeen It is very good on the whole. I like the attitude, but I think the features are rather too old for Wallace, who was less than forty when slain by Edward. I think very highly of the Aberdeen people for raising such a memorial to their (and our) noble patriot here - the man who, against the mightiest odds, determined to stand for Scotland's freedom. Never would he bow to England's king. Rather than do so, he would bow his hand to the executioner’s sword. If he did not succeed in freeing Scotland from English tyranny it was from no fault of his; he did all that a brave, devoted man could possibly do. The fault lay with the half-hearted nobility, who, rather than see Wallace achieve a victory, would desert the standard of their country and play like traitors into the hands of their country's enemy. Scotland owes but little to her nobles. God has raised in "Auld Scotia", a “brave peasantry, their country's pride," and it is this brave peasantry who nobly stood by Wallace and fought for Scotland's freedom. Wallace paved the way for Bruce and Bannockburn. Wallace lighted the fire which was never extinguished until everyEnglishman was driven out of Sootland, and Scotland's Lion floated over the ramparts of every castle north of the Tweed. I would like to see Scotsmen all over the world revive the national spirit, and celebrate the day they owe so much to – I mean, of course, Bannockburn. I would like them to commemorate the glorious victory achieved on that memorable day, the 24th June, 1314, and show to the world that they had not quite lost all the gratitude due to their great ancestors, who resolved on that day either to “do or die.” I intend myself having a little celebration on the 24th June-probably a bonfire and fireworks, with a display of our national flags. We shall be very pleased indeed to see you out to stay a few days then if convenient." on 27 July 1888 at Montrose, Forfarshire, Scotland, .7


Thomas Napier carpenter to Australia b. 18 Jul 1802, d. 7 Feb 1881


Hector Napier 1st son1 b. 2 Jul 1838, d. 17 Mar 1858
Medora Napier1 b. 1 Feb 1840, d. 15 Jul 1840
Mina Grace Napier1 b. 19 Apr 1842, d. 26 Feb 1843
Kenneth Napier1 b. 13 Nov 1843, d. 19 Jun 1844
Theodore Napier 3rd son1 b. 29 Mar 1845, d. 29 Aug 1924
Eleanor Napier+1 b. 3 Jun 1847, d. 28 Feb 1902
Thomas Napier1 b. 23 Dec 1848, d. 28 Jan 1867
Felix Napier1 b. 14 Jan 1853, d. Mar 1853
Alma Napier1 b. 14 Feb 1855, d. Mar 1855
Norman Horatio Napier1 b. 17 Oct 1857, d. 3 Jan 1858


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