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Edith Margaret Ford

F, #167, b. 20 March 1898, d. 3 August 1919
Last Edited: 7 Aug 2022
say 1918 Edith Ford
L-R: Edith Ford, Nan & Jean Ford, Archibald Ford
c 1903
Ford & Adamson cousins c1917
back: Nan/Jean Ford (twin), Mina Ford, Esther Ford, Margaret K Adamson, Jean/Nan Ford (twin)
front: Somebody, Douglas G Adamson, Somebody, Somebody, James K Adamson


Father*: William Scott Ford b. 9 Jun 1871, d. 8 Sep 1957
Mother*: Margaret Scott Key b. 20 Jan 1872, d. 6 Apr 1952
1st cousin 1 time removed of Patricia Catherine Adamson
  • Birth*: Edith Margaret Ford was born on 20 March 1898 at 1 Morgan Street, Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland, ; cert held.
  • She was the daughter of William Scott Ford and Margaret Scott Key.
  • (Deceased) Death*: Edith Margaret Ford died on 3 August 1919 at 35 Victoria Street, Arbroath, Forfarshire, Scotland, , at age 21 1919 deaths in the district of Arbroath & St Vigeans in the county of Forfar; 230; Edith Margret Ford typist single; 1919 August third 9h 0m am 35 Victoria Street Arbroath; female aged 21 years; parents William Scott Ford marine engineer and Margaret Scott Ford ms Key; inanition following neuresthenia 2 months as cert by W J R Dewar MD; Wm S Ford father present; 1919 August 4th at Arbroath Alex Smith Registrar.2
  • (Interred) Burial*: She was buried with Edith Margaret Ford on 7 August 1919 at Arbroath Western Cemetery, Arbroath, Angus, Scotland, .3

Census & Directory Entries

Member of Household31 March 1901They was listed as a member of the household of William Scott Ford and Margaret Scott Key in the 1901 census at 475 John Williamson Street, Durham, County Durham, England, . Edit M Ford, daug, 3, Scotland; Wm S Ford, head, mar, 29, marine engineer, worker, Scotland; Margaret Ford, wife, mar, 29, Scotland.9
Member of Household31 March 1911They was listed as a member of the household of Margaret Scott Key in the 1911 census at 93 Keptie Street, Arbroath, Angus, Scotland, . Edith Margaret Ford, daur, 13, at school, born Dundee; Margaret Ford (wife scored out), head aged 39 married 14 years, 5 children, 5 still living, born Dundee; 4 rooms with windows, 6 people in the household.10


  • Note for Web*: Edith Margaret Ford Inaniton - Medicine / Pathology) exhaustion resulting from lack of food

    Neurasthenia - a term coined in the late nineteenth century to refer to a condition of chronic mental and physical weakness and fatigue. Some researchers regard MCS as a twentieth-century version of neurasthenia. Mentioned in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity on 3 August 1919.11,12


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