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Douglas Mackay1

M, #16784, b. 1922, d. 1936
Last Edited: 7 Aug 2022
From Aberdeen Press & Journal newspaper report of drowning Sept 1937
Photograph by user1


Father*: Lewis Mackay hotelkeeper1 b. 4 Feb 1886, d. 5 Dec 1941
Mother*: Jane Webster Kinnear1 b. 1890, d. 17 Aug 1954
4th cousin of Patricia Catherine Adamson
  • (Child) Birth*: Douglas Mackay was born in 1922 at Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, .2
  • He was the son of Lewis Mackay hotelkeeper and Jane Webster Kinnear.1
  • (Deceased) Death*: Douglas Mackay died in 1936 at River Dee, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, , Douglas Mackay died 1937 August sixth about 3pm in River Dee at Aboyne about 40 yards East of the Suspension Bridge there. (usual residence Birse Ledge Hotel Aboyne). M aged 14 years parents Lewis Mackay hotelkeeper and Jane Webster Mackay ms Kinnear, cuase asphyxia from drowning as cert by Dr J Macfarlane Thomson who made an external examination of the body; registered on the information of Wm K McFadyean procurator fiscal; registered 1937 September 25th at Birse signed Guy Robertson registrar.2,3
  • Newspaper Article*: He was mentioned in a newspaper article DEE DROWNING FATALITY

    Douglas Mackay, the fourteen-yearold son of Mr Lewis Mackay, proprietor of Birse Lodge Hotel, Aboyne, was drowned in the river Dee near his home yesterday afternoon.
    He had swum out a few yards to retrieve a toy yacht when he took cramp and sank in a pool.
    Douglas, who was a strong swimmer. holding life-saving certificates, was bathing with his younger sister and several other chiidren on the south bank of the Dee. They were sailing a toy yacht, which drifted into deeper water, and Douglas struck out to get it.
    When about halfway across the river he disappeared. His companions tried to reach him, but found the water too deep.
    Their cries attracted attention on the north bank of the river. A boy shouted to Mr John Ferrier, footman at Ballogie House, who was cycling out of Aboyne, that someone in the river was drowning.
    Mr Ferrier threw off his jacket and shoes at the water side and swam across the river to the group of excited children. They pointed out where the boy had sunk.
    "I waded out to the spot," said Mr Ferrier to a "Press and Journal" representative, and found the boy lying in a pool of water four feet deep. When I lifted him he seemed to be beyond aid."
    Artificial respiration was applied in vain.
    Douglas Mackay was a pupil at Aberdeen Grammar School, and was keenly interested in all forms of sport. Only about a month ago he was cox in the eight of Aberdeen Rowing Club in the race against St Andrews. Besides being a strong swimmer he was an enthusiastic golfer, cricketer and Rugby player. on 7 August 1937.4
  • Newspaper Article: He was mentioned in a newspaper article BOY DROWNED IN RIVER DEE AT ABOYNE
    While at play in the River Dee at Aboyne yesterday, a 14-years-old boy, Douglas Mackay, son of the proprietor of Birse Lodge Hotel, Aboyne, was drowned. The boy was bathing with his younger sister and some other children who were playing with a toy yacht. The yacht sailed out of reach into a deep pool, and Mackay swam after it. He was seen to sink. It is thought that he took cramp. The victim of the tragedy was a powerful swimmer, but he had been playing before entering the water, and is believed to have been too fatigued to save himself when he got into difficulties. on 9 August 1937.5
  • Newspaper Article*: He and Lewis Mackay hotelkeeper were mentioned in a newspaper article LAST TRIBUTES TO ABOYNE BOY
    Scouts from the Aberdeen Grammar School, North London and Aboyne Troops were present at the funeral yesterday to Aboyne Churchyard of Master Douglas Mackay, son of Mr and Mrs Lewis Mackay Birse Lodge Hotel, who was drowned near his home on Friday afternoon.
    The coffin was carried by the Grammar School Scouts from his home to the grave.
    The services at the house and the grave were conducted by the Rev. A Wishart. Aboyne.
    The principal mourners were: M Lewis Mackay (father) and Messrs Lewis A Mackay and John Mackay (brothers).
    Among others present were: The Rev. A. L. Kemp. Birse; the Rev. T Gray, Aboyne; Messrs James Reid. Aberdeen: J. M. Spalding, Aberdeen; R. Smith Huntly Arms Hotel. Aboyne: A. L. Stronach. Aboyne: Inspector Laing. Aboyne, ete. on 10 August 1937.6
  • (Witness) Memorial Inscription: Douglas Mackay is commemorated on the headstone erected by Jane Webster Kinnear in 1942 at Aboyne Kirkyard, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, . Inscription reads In loving memory of my husband Lewis Mackay d. Birse Lodge Hotel 5 Dec. 1941 aged 55. My son Douglas d. 6 Aug. 1937 aged 14. Also in loving memory of our mother Jane Webster Kinnear d. Birse Lodge Hotel 17 Aug. 1954 aged 64.
    In loving memory of my dear wife Philippa Mackay a loving mother, grandmother & great-grandmother 6 June 1918 - 5 Sept. 1997.7


  • Note for Web*: Douglas Mackay was killed when jumping off Aboyne Bridge aged 14.1


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